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The Right Way to Buy a Used Car

(Exercising Your Mind) By Camille Johnson

Are you in the market for a car with great fuel economy, high-tech safety features, and a modern look? You might assume the only way to get everything you want in a car is to overpay for a brand-new vehicle.

The truth is, you don’t have to choose between your wish list and your wallet. Done right, buying a used car saves money while delivering the reliability, features, and service you’ve come to expect. From Wealth Attraction Research, here’s how you can buy a used car that won’t let you down.

Buying Used: Private Sellers vs. Dealers

When you’re searching for a good deal on a great car, where should you look: private sellers or used car dealers?

While private car sales tend to be cheaper, that bargain comes at a cost: Private sellers don’t have financing, purchase protection, or a reputation to protect. As a result, you’re more likely to end up with a lemon or find yourself the victim of a title scam, curbstoning, hidden damage, or other shady sales tactics. Buying from a dealership, on the other hand, gives buyers access to warranties, service plans, and financing. That’s good news for your wallet and your peace of mind.

It’s important when you enter into negotiations to come prepared. You should always have information about the vehicle beforehand and your budget in mind. It’s also important to enter into any negotiations with the right frame of mind as well.

How to Choose a Used Car Dealership

Not all used car dealerships are created equal, however. While less reputable dealerships aim to get cars sold and off the lot ASAP, the best dealers offer perks that keep customers coming back. When searching for a used car dealer you can trust, pay attention to:


Dodgy dealerships don’t stick around long. Look for a dealership that’s been around a few years so you can accurately gauge its reputation.


Online reviews are one of the best ways to vet a car dealership. A quick search online reveals its reviews and Better Business Bureau rating.


When making a major purchase, you want to be certain you’re getting exactly what you expect. When a dealership provides a CarFax report, buyers can see the full picture of a car’s history.

Customer service

Great customer service is what sets exceptional car dealerships apart. Salespeople should be attentive, not aggressive, and knowledgeable about their vehicles. This is especially important when purchasing foreign cars as not all dealerships possess the expertise to work on European brands.


Dealerships also help buyers secure financing, eliminating the hassle of getting a used car loan on your own. That’s true even for buyers with less-than-perfect credit when you choose a dealership with flexible financing.

Caring for Your Used Vehicle

No matter how smoothly your new-to-you car drives off the lot, it takes proper care and maintenance to keep a vehicle in top condition.

Protect it from the elements

Sun, salt, tree sap, and other elements take a toll on a car’s paint job. In addition to regular car washes to remove grime, keep cars covered while parked. If you don’t have a garage, use a weatherproof car cover to protect your vehicle’s finish.

Follow the recommended maintenance schedule

Every car’s owner’s manual contains the ideal maintenance schedule for that specific make and model. Following this schedule to the letter yields the best performance and prevents costly repairs.

Inspect tires and fluids

Between service visits, inspect tires for tread and pressure and top up fluids as needed. Be sure to use the correct engine oil for your vehicle’s make and model.

Monitor for signs of trouble

Even the most well-maintained cars experience problems from time to time. In addition to dashboard warning lights, schedule a service appointment if you notice unusual sounds, poor handling, leaking fluids, or difficulty starting your vehicle. When you’re ready to buy your next car, choose a used car dealership you can trust.

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