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8 Realistic Strategies to Promote Your Mental Health Today

(Exercising Your Mind) By Camille Johnson

There was a severe mental health crisis in the U.S. before 2020, and the pandemic made it even worse. Millions of people struggle with various mental health issues and turn to alcohol and other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

If you’re living with blues, excessive stress, or anxiety, it’s essential to address your condition now and set yourself up to reach your full potential. Improving your psychological well-being can even help if you simply want to improve your everyday life, work performance, or relationships. Today, Wealth Attraction Research shares eight ways to boost your mental health!

1. Talk to Someone 

You’re a social creature, as are all other humans. Because you crave connection with others, isolation and loneliness can pose severe consequences for your mental health and overall well-being.

Think of anyone you could call on the phone or video chat with regularly. Maybe there’s an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or you would like to start a weekly call with a close relative. Meet people in person when possible. But even staying connected virtually is better than isolating yourself.

2. Do Something for Others       

Helping others is an excellent way to contribute to your community. But it can also be transformative for your mental health and well-being. Volunteer for charity and you might notice dopamine, serotonin, and other positive neurotransmitters activating and boosting your mood!

Another way to help people in your community is to launch your own nonprofit. Research the needs in your community and start applying for grants and public funding. Establishing a nonprofit corporation involves many moving parts, such as drafting a business plan, creating bylaws, and selecting a board of directors. But if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it can be a fulfilling career path and worth all the time and effort!

3. Travel Somewhere New

Nothing awakens the senses like a trip to a new place. It’s a chance to do something fun for yourself while also getting out of your own head and seeing something of the rest of the world. And it doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking, either. Consider a trip to the beach, a museum or concert in a different city, or a sporting event. For instance, Los Angeles Dodgers tickets are reasonably priced and you can view schedules online and purchase well in advance to help with planning.

4. Incorporate Short Workouts         

You don’t have to dedicate an hour a day to your fitness routine. There are plenty of short workouts to incorporate into your busy schedule and improve your mental health. Search the web for HIIT workouts that you can do from home, go running through your neighborhood, or find a 20-minute core exercise to do each day.

5. Enjoy the Outdoors

You could also soothe the restless soul by spending some quiet time outdoors. Being in nature can significantly reduce stress and anxiety while boosting productivity and overall happiness. If you live near hiking trails, try to go hiking a couple of times each week. If not, plan some weekend getaways where you can self-reflect while exercising and soaking in the sunshine.

6. Start Journaling

Journaling is a time-tested method of venting your thoughts and emotions. Whether you’re angry or experiencing other negative feelings, it’s better to write it down on paper than to send a text or email you’ll later regret.

Pick up a budget-friendly journal to write about your daily experiences. You can also use it to establish goals, track your progress, and jot down things you are grateful for each day.

7. Seek Creativity        

Think of creative activities you could engage in to boost your mental health. Maybe you could pick up drawing, painting, or crafts. Perhaps you would enjoy learning a musical instrument or writing songs. Learning the art of cooking and constantly exploring new recipes can also activate the right side of the brain. You could even go to a music venue or art museum and experience positive effects on your psyche!

8. Pick up a Healthy Habit

Finally, don’t try to transform your life in a day. Try to adopt healthy habits in baby steps, such as replacing one meal with a healthier alternative and exercising three days a week. From there, you can start to build a healthy routine that benefits your overall health and well-being while reducing the likelihood of burnout.

Wrapping Up

Each of us needs to cope in one way or another. It’s better to choose mechanisms and habits that will benefit — rather than harm — your mental health. All the ideas above can help you develop a solid mental health routine that improves your overall well-being. But keep seeking other methods of reducing stress, boosting your mood, and improving your long-term health!

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