Month: June 2008


Child Experts Fail to Reveal Full Drug Pay

A world-renowned
child psychiatrist whose work has helped fuel an explosion
in the use of powerful antipsychotic medicines in children earned at least $1.6
million in consulting fees from drug makers from 2000 to 2007 but for years did
not report much of this income to university officials, according to information
given Congressional investigators.


Why it Takes 2,000 Gallons of Fresh Water to Produce 1 Gallon of Milk

Drink water. Pure, fresh spring water. Not tap water, not bottled water filled
with plastics. Find and drink pure water from the Earth, and you will be doing
your part to help sustain the potential for human life on this planet for
generations to come. You’ll also be saving countless cows from abusive
exploitation by commercial dairy ranches, many of which now laughingly claim to
be “organic.” See the Organic Consumers Association (
href=”” target=_blank>
) to learn more about the false
organic cow’s milk producers. While there are a few, smaller …


Bananas Are Dying, Killed by Corporate Monoculture

So, what solution is being bandied about for the coming tragic loss of bananas
five to twenty years from now? This is even scarier than all that Chiquita has
done to this point. The primary suggestion offered is genetic engineering.
Scientists are already at work mapping the banana’s genome. Already, there are
genetic experiments to modify bananas with the hepatitis B vaccine and with
fish. That this sort of solution is nothing more than the next, utterly insane,
step in a food system already mad with monoculture seems to be of no concern. …