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Improve Your Confidence, Improve Your Life

(Exercising Your Mind) By Brad Krause

Some people are naturally born with confidence. But, even if you are one of these lucky individuals, you likely felt anything less than confident during the worst of the pandemic. It’s now time to reenter the world with your head held high, and today’s tips can help you regain your trust and reliance on yourself.

Start a hobby.

Hobbies are something that Wealth Attraction Research has discussed before as a way to bring direction to your life. Starting a new hobby, whether it’s dancing, painting, or even reading, will not only give you a distraction but will also help you channel your energy into something positive. Simply having a more positive attitude can boost your confidence.

Earn your degree.

If you’re thinking about changing jobs or starting your own business, now’s a great time to go back to school to earn your degree. An MBA, for example, is an advanced degree that will help you elevate your professional skills so that you are both a better prospective entrepreneur and senior-level employee.

Change your diet.

Everything you put into your body can affect how you feel at any given moment. If you’re eating foods with lots of salt, for example, you may be bloated, irritable, and uncomfortable. Instead of indulging for a moment and suffering for hours afterward, Women’sHealth magazine recommends eating yogurt, bananas, avocado, kiwi, and pineapple to offset bloating and discomfort.

Learn to communicate.

Being an effective communicator can boost your confidence in many ways. Not only will you be able to better get your point across, but you’ll be a more receptive listener, which makes it easier to handle and rectify situations as they arise. Maintaining an open line of communication with those around you can help you avoid feelings of overwhelm, particularly if you’ve gotten yourself into a habit of being the “yes man.”

Tweak your morning routine.

If you want to be the master of your day, you have to start with your morning. Create a morning routine that helps you be your very best. This begins by preparing things, such as your clothing and lunch, the night before. It can also help to get lots of sleep and wake up to a glass of water and a quick workout.

Evaluate your friendships.

How many friends do you have? Not just acquaintances, but actual friends. These are the people that you can call when you are sad, scared, or in trouble and need a helping hand or a listening ear. The friendships that don’t fall into this category may not be doing anything to boost your mood or self-esteem. If you have toxic friends, which are those that embarrass you on purpose, tell your secrets, or fail to stand by your side, push them aside to make room for those who will hold you up when you are down.

Set small goals.

Every goal that you achieve can bump you one notch up on the confidence scale. Goals do not have to be grand, and something as simple as committing to yourself to wake up earlier, volunteer for an hour each month, or try one new fruit or vegetable is something to celebrate. Each achievement is something to be proud of. A quick tip here: tell your goals to other people. This will make you more accountable for your actions and more likely to make the things you want to happen happen.

If you lack confidence, you may not get the most out of every day. The simple steps above, which include everything from going back to school to letting go of excess baggage in the friends department, can help you improve yourself from the inside out. Remember, you are responsible for your own happiness, and you can make the choice to make today the first day of your best life.

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