GrandMaster Insane

(HA)How many of you have had to defend your mothers from an alchohol crazed father? Your sisters from being raped? From being raped yourself by your own flesh and blood? From being kidnapped? How many are still sane enough to function at a high level in society and actually use the experience to help others? I am a Hypnotherapist in California, a musician, a writer, a Fitness Trainer, an artist, a fighter. I actually truly help others change their lives for the better every day instead of the easy road of perpetuating a life of potential insane criminality. How many of you have done so? How many?!! And I am attacked by what seems like a chat room filled with those who still wet their beds and scream when the room is dark? If anyone wants to bath in blood, mine or yours I am open to your wishes and desires. If you expect me to take you seriously then come to me, for I will no longer waste my valuable time “punching” the keys on this lifeless machine. If you do not know where to find me by now you are either too blinded by your fear or too stupid to justify killing.

(BS) He needs to get back on his lithium.

Somehow, beating up alcoholic fathers and having a rough childhood in the ‘hood is turning into a badge of honor these days. Because they’re just so hardcore, they HAVE to learn to survive the right way. I bet there are MILLIONS of GRANDMASTER STREET FIGHTER ANTI-RAPIST NINJA ATTACK SQUADS out there. Practically anyone who’s sexually abused and angry about it would, you know, channel their energy into the martial arts, and become grandmasters teaching SWAT teams.

In response to your.. ramblind

You speak a lot, but you’re saying very little. You’re not saying anything that we haven’t heard from fakes and losers a thousand times before. You might be able to cover up a lack of ability with rhetoric, but it won’t float here. Here we like to see something called proof. If you’re claiming to be able to do something, back it up, go to a Throwdown, like everyone else here. That, or you might get lucky and we’ll pay money for someone like Omega to walk into your “gym” and take you up on your offer.

Throwing out random names won’t help you. Throwing out a phone number we can call to verify your claims will.

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