GrandMaster Pretense

Regarding: Hakeem Alexander

If his pretense of being a grand master is similar in quality to his pretense of being an intellectual I bet he trips over his own feet a lot.

Dellusion is his friend. There is no such thing as a 26 year old Grandmaster of ANYTHING, much less three different styles. That fact that he can fight (which could be he can’t) doesn’t make you a grandmaster either. Also, would such a man talk, brag about himself, and do all the things that have been listed on this topic? No, if you were 26 and a grandmaster, you wouldn’t have to say a thing, just kick ass and take names. There is obviously something wrong. Yet I actually somewhat respect his last few posts, as I have also undergone such inner conflicts. I have also found that defeating yourself is what allows you to defeat others, regardless of style or size.

Bullshit. If you’re not sure of yourself, you’re going to be too afraid to do anything. You’ll just shit your pants and get your ass kicked at the same time.

I’m sure plenty of other people have gone through the divorce of their parents and stuff, but I still hate them.

If it’s true at all. Sure some of it may be, but some people market themselves that way or even present themselves that way to gain some kind of rep. I can’t tell you how many suburbanites I’ve met who’ve tried to pass themselves off as “street gangstas” and thugs and all that BS. I saw them all the time in the military, mostly in the non-combat roles who were trying to show off and say they were hardcore.

I’m sure there’s many people who’ve been through their fair share of rough times out there. I’ve had quite a bit myself but I’m not trying to pass myself off as a “grandmaster.” All Indenju’s doing now is trying to make himself look superior and above us, typical troll bullshit. He’s probably just all talk

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