Later douchebag.

To: Hakeem Alexander

Is THIS the guy you boxed with!!!

James Flowers
Sex Male
Nationality United States
Alias Jazzy
License No. FL021436
Hometown Chicago, IL, USA
Division Heavyweight
Date of Birth 1961-06-25
Stance Orthodox
won 6 (2 ko’s) – lost 12 – drawn 2 – tot 20

He’s a heavyweight, NEVER boxed IBO, and was Illinois State Light heavyweight champ in 1990 (translation: AMATEUR) Went on to do some low-rent pro stuff at heavyweight, not even a journeyman fighter. Nothing wrong with that, but you had him in the same class as Roy Jones. That is not an oversight…that is a lie.

You seem to have a tendency to take big liberties with just a little bit of truth.
You are full of shit, my friend.

(HA) Uh Oh!, I guess I’ve been BullShiDOWNED and discovered as a fraud, scam, and BSer in the Martial Arts. I apologize to all of you real Martial Artisists and feel greatly ashamed for trying to fool so many people. I guess now I will crawl back into the hole from which I came. I guess it is time to either enter a few new tournaments or just shut the f$%k up. Thanks for the insight, clarity, and vision you have provided me with.
Fare well.

-Hakeem Alexander

At least he had the courage to admit it.  Later douchebag.

hahaha, bullshido takes another one out.

Good job, fellas.

Once again, a threat of “LOL U GUYS UR GAY I”M NEVER COMING BAKC FUK THIS” turns out to be a lie.

For the record, I’m not at all sure you can’t fight. You don’t have to be literate to fight. I think you’re probably quite a bit different in person, but you can’t or won’t commuicate on this site or your other web presences, so what do you expect of us?

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