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(BS) I mean this is just silly . What a fucking idiot . Its almost like an admission about how lame duck he is .

We get it dude … you think your a talented , brilliant , tough but gental guy .

(HA) Bullshido.net – I’m Featured!!!….as a fraud!
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I am featured on this site below as a fake, B.S. and fraud martial artist. I thought it would be interesting and fun if you all could see what it’s like to be attacked verbally from all sides. The only opinion I have about its content, is that it is indeed interesting.
cut and paste the address below into your web-browser and check it out….have fun!

(BS) Hakeem, if you took the time out of your busy day to present your biography and credentials clearly, you probably wouldn’t be ‘featured’ on bullshido.

I thought we killed this one a long time ago? He linked his MySPace shit here? Why…so we can ridicule him more?

“featured” Hakeem?

You give yourself too much credit. This thread is barely 5 pages and has been dead forever. You barely even blip the radar here.

So he’s called Hakeem and happens to be a master of Hakeem-do. Cool. ‘course, I’m a grandmaster of Xiangfei-do… and I quote the great Xiangfei in my posts.

Plus, his posts read like when bots invade forums and post the contents of their little inner dictionaries.

If having a rough time and having meany parents and getting bad things done to you by bad men is all it takes to be a grandmaster, hell, ain’t we all?

edit: Fat Nugz Dope Crew? What, this some extra class teaching ‘street’ defence or something?

What kind of pretentious prick puts copyrights on the end of his myspace blogs? Wait, that one kinda answers itself…

P.S. Paragraphs are your friend Mr Alexander.

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