Neuropsychiatry: Past, Present, and Future Descriptions: An Expert Interview With Jonathan Silver, MD (MedScape)

Biological psychiatry involves examining the role of how the brain functions
in the production of psychiatric disorders. It could be chemical (such as in
depression), anatomical (such as in schizophrenia or brain trauma), or

Those things are important in neuropsychiatry too, but biological psychiatry
does not focus on the treatment of those individuals with neurologic disorders.
Neuropsychiatry does.

Implications, NeuroPsyche

Article: “Minnesota mental health patient Ray Sandford forced into electro-shock therapy”

A three-second burst of 140 volts blasts through Sandford’s brain.
he’s totally unconscious, Sandford’s torso jerks up and down.
His arms and
legs writhe only slightly, steadied by muscle relaxants
coursing through his
veins. Sandford’s toes curl downward, as if his
feet were trying ball up
into fists. He’s experiencing a grand mal
seizure. …