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‘Massive’ weight gain in kids on atypicals (FiercePharma)

The study has several implications. One, it’s more evidence that the atypicals,
once considered vastly superior to first-generation antipsychotics because of a
“favorable” side-effect profile, may not be that much better, just different.
Rather than risking tardive dyskinesia and akathisia as patients using first-gen
antipsychotics are, patients on atypicals risk major weight gain and metabolic
changes. …

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AHA Recommends “Prudent” Maximum Intakes of Empty Sugar Calories (From Heartwire CME)

Since the last AHA scientific statement was published in 2002, there has been
new evidence on the relationship between sugar intake and cardiovascular health.
High levels of dietary sugar consumption may be contributing to the global
epidemic of obesity and cardiovascular disease, and limiting dietary intake of
added sugars is therefore a valid concern. In the typical US diet, the main
source of added sugars is soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages. …

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Existing Anti-obesity Drugs May Be Effective Against Flu, Hepatitis And HIV

Extensive clinical testing would be needed to draw conclusions about the safety
of TOFA and C75, or similar compounds, as antiviral treatment. That said, the
team took an early look at toxicity, exposing uninfected fibroblasts to C75 or
TOFA for 96 hours. They found that the drugs blocked HCMV replication without
causing cell toxicity or self-destruction (apoptosis). …