Developing Your Proposal

Grant Application Training

Developing Your Proposal

In this section we want to key in on several important points to help
you get a better handle on how you can obtain available government
funding, and which one you may want to utilize. You will be informed on
how to professionally present your proposal. You will soon find that
presentation and packaging are key factors in the initial proposal

You will be informed on the different types of grant programs
available, which will certainly help you understand the programs better.
You will learn how they work and how they can work for YOU. This will
help you become more aware of the different types of funding so you can
make a better decision and selection of which programs to apply for when
you are ready.

In this section you will also learn how the grants are awarded once
you have completed the application, and have completed a successful
proposal. By understanding the process you will gain a large advantage
over the system because of the vision you will obtain.

We also talk about how staying organized is a very important factor.
You will learn tips such as keeping a notebook handy to write down ideas
as you go through the proposal process. You will find many more
valuable tips in the section called “Getting Organized “.

By reading this training module, it will help you understand and take
seriously the complete proposal process. It is important to note that
there are many “do’s and don’ts” when developing a grant proposal. We
will take you step by step from the beginning processes to submitting
the ideal grant proposal and finally to receiving the funding you need
quickly and efficiently.

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