Initial Preparation

Grant Application Training

Initial Preparation

When developing a grant proposal, you initially need to understand
that a grant proposal needs to be very well prepared, planned
thoroughly, and packaged in a nice, neat and directly to the point

You should also become familiar with all the pertinent program
criteria related to the grant program from which you are seeking
assistance. Take note to the information contact person listed in the
grant program description before you begin developing your proposal to
obtain information such as whether funding is available, when applicable
deadlines occur, and also the process required by the agency to accept
your grant proposal.

Always remember that the basic requirements, application forms,
information and procedures vary with the agency that is making the grant
award. Another important thing to remember is the federal government’s
reason for offering grant programs to begin with.

The objective of federal grants is to strengthen America and the
economy. The main objectives for grants are for the economic development
of the country by strengthening the work force of America and providing
a stable and strong economic infrastructure. Federal grants are
awarded through 26 different federal agencies. There are 15 different
means of getting federal grants and also, several different avenues of
local and state groups that award many different types of grants
throughout communities in the United States.

See our “Types of Grants Availalble” section for a detailed look at what kinds of grants you are available to you.

Once you have done your research on the type of grant you would think
best applies to your funding purpose, read on in our next section to
understand how grants are awarded.

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