understanding grants


Understanding Grants

There are many different government grants available, from a great
many different sources, and these government grants can be a godsend for
anyone trying to start a new business, put themselves or their children
through school or even buy a first home.

These government grants are available from a wide variety of
government agencies. There are government grants available from the
federal and state governments, and there are even government grants
available from local government agencies and private foundations. With
all these grants to choose from it can be difficult to know where to
start, or how to qualify for the grants that are available.

It is very important to become educated on the entire subject of
government grants. The amounts available through these grants can often
vary, from less than $100 to many thousands or even hundreds of
thousands of dollars. As one would expect, the level of competition for
these high value government grants can be seriously high, and there are
specific requirements for each type of grant that individuals or
organizations must meet.

For instance, some grants may only be available to residents of
certain states or municipalities, while others are restricted only to
individuals who work in certain industries, or who come from a certain
socio-economic background. It is important to review the qualifications
of the grant carefully, and to focus your energy on those grants for
which you are fully qualified.

With this in mind, we will step you through the initial phases of a
grant proposal however, don’t pick up your pencils yet, there are a lot
of things we need to think about before we dive into the actual proposal

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