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Autism crusader attracts fans, and many critics (FirceVaccines)

May 21, 2009 — 10:56am ET |
By John Carroll

Dr. Mark Geier describes himself as the scientist who has solved the mystery of autism, fingering thimerosal in vaccines for the devastating disease. And he says that the powerful therapy Lupron can effectively treat it, a position that has helped him gain a big following in the autism community.

But some of the judges who have heard his testimony in autism cases have a different view of Geier. They say he’s unqualified and intellectually dishonest. And several top scientists in the field say his research is badly flawed.

Dr. Geier works the autism circuit with his son David, a biologist who the Chicago Tribune describes as the “wonky straight man” to his father’s spontaneous presentations. Abbott Labs, which makes Lupron, says there is no scientific basis to justify further work on autism.

– read the report from the Chicago Tribune

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