January Press Release from Anonymous

January Press Release from Anonymous

Preceeding the 12th monthly global protest, Anonymous released the following statement:

On Saturday, January 10, 2009, and also, Saturday,
January 17, 2009 in numerous cities worldwide, the group ‘Anonymous’
will be staging its 12th monthly protest against the Scientology

This will complete a full year of internet-driven demonstrations
stemming from Scientology’s attempts at censorship in January 2008.
Following this shameful debacle, the “Project Chanology” movement was
born. February 2008 then ushered in the start of an ongoing series of
non-violent protests by the group ‘Anonymous’.

‘Anonymous’ is a loosely affiliated group of dedicated people from
all walks of life, and all over the world, connected only by the common
goal of exposing the corrupt and abusive practices of organised
Scientology. To further their goal, the web-based activists have held
monthly protests and rallies worldwide, with the intent of bringing
Scientology abuses to the public domain and urging politicians to take

The past year of activism has led to ‘Anonymous’ being accused of an
endless number of crimes, acts of retaliation and other malicious
tactics employed by the Church of Scientology. Despite this harassment,
‘Anonymous’ continues to provide and freely distribute information
relevant to the interests of the public, regardless of numerous
attempts by Scientology to silence their criticism. The cause has been
taken up by thousands worldwide, and continues to draw new members

Anyone interested in learning more about why ‘Anonymous’ opposes
Scientology, or participating in activism themselves, are encouraged to
visit http: // The website provides a list of active
Anonymous cells in existence, as well as their local websites,
activities, and people to contact. Information on the upcoming Saturday
protests is also readily available.

For additional information on the Project Chanology campaign please visit:

WhyWeProtest Forums – http: //
Chanology Portal – http: //
YouFoundTheCard – http: //

January 6, 2009
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