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Are The Bees Really Dying? Will We All Die With Them?

Will We Really Die With Them?

Are The Bees Really Dying?

beemineIt really looks like the bees on Earth are really dying.

Not because of reports that I hear from the internet or from word of mouth.

I see dead bees everywhere that I go.

I started seeing dead bees everywhere, before I started hearing about dead bees.

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I was not influenced by dead bee stories, because I did not hear them or see dead bee stories.

Unless you count the stories of dead bees created by my own mind.

This is because I was seeing dead bees everywhere that I went.

Bees lying dead on the concrete and, other man-made surfaces and places.

I saw bees acting strangely.

Bees being more bold, and getting closer to people.

I saw more bees running into objects, like walls and windows.

I saw bees running into people.

I felt and saw bees flying into me.

I wrote running into objects, but I meant flying into objects.

Bees don’t run like you might think.

There is no gallop of the bee that I can tell.

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But I do see a lot of dead bees.beemine2

Before and after the stories of dead bees everywhere.

Now lots of people are talking about dead bees.

And I am concerned about the dying bees.

Some really, supposedly smart people like Albert Einstein have told, and do tell all of us that if the bees die, then all of us humans will die.

Because we need them to cross pollinate plants.

All of over the world the bees help our plants to grow.

So if it is true that the extinction of bees will lead to the extinction of all life on Earth; then what is it that we all should do?

Is there anything that we can do?

We need to save the bees it would seem.

Because saving the bees is also saving ourselves.

So if we really want to live, then we need to help the bees to live.

This may not be adding anything.


Actually, what we must really do is take whatever is poisoning and killing the bees away.

The bees need to be saved so that the bees can save us all.

Are the bees really dying?

Will we die with them?

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