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The Raw And Burnt Earths – Dawn Of The Serpent Of Flame

Dawn Of The Serpent Of Flame

The Raw And Burnt Earths

(Exercising Your Mind) [Creative Non Fiction] {Science Fiction} All my research into hypnosis, metaphysics, science and many different subjects as a polymath, has been for the purpose of creating wild and unabridged music and science fiction fantasies.

It would not usually be something one would readily admit that their life’s work is not what they supposed it to be. But indeed I have created quite an impressive catalog of music and fiction.

A whole lot of science fiction fantasies and music.

And were it not for the continually imposed, yet false reality that I was somehow able to be normal and live like the sleeping masses, this fine work of fantasy and music would be all the more clear.

Yet it was all along being produced, faithfully recorded and published to the masses in all of its glorious, unrefined and raw form.

I lost my mind long ago.

Interestingly, one can survive and even thrive quite joyfully while being a mad man, despite the commonly held viewpoints to the contrary.

Indeed, it was Andrew Weil, M.D. in his book “The Natural Mind” that said something like “to the extent that negative psychotics are a burden to society, to that same extent positive psychotics may be an asset to society.”

He went on to remind us that this is more likely to happen when you remove most impediments to this ability to be an asset; which happen to be pharmaceuticals and most mental health institutions.

Continuing with this idea, Dr. Andrew Weil says that the National Institute of Mental Health will be the last institution in America to realize the positive potential of psychotics.

A potential so overwhelming, I am tempted to call psychotics ‘the evolutionary vanguards of our species’. Because they have the ability to change reality simply by changing their minds“.

I have paraphrased Doctor Weil quite well. And you should really check this by reading his fantastic book The Natural Mind as soon as you possibly can for many reasons.

How To Live Though A Mad Man

I have only been having a very brief moment of clarity from the dark and cloudy world of schizophrenic delusions and paranoia. Long enough to jump from the ship of false flags.

I was flying my banner on the high seas as if I were a Naval or Marine Officer; when instead I should have been flying the Jolly Roger as a Pirate, Villain and Plunderer.

You must understand that were I to continue my attempt to be some type of healer, teacher or, God forbid – GURU; then I really would be a Pirate, Villain and Plunderer.

But by removing myself from the accurate and rigid systems and dogmas of science and firmly taking root in the artistic and creative world of music, science fiction and fantasy; I can safely be a Pirate, Villain and Plunderer in story-telling and the land of make-believe!

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

I believe in myself and the beauty of many others, but I do not believe in this world. I have been in the world but never of this world no matter how painfully I have tried, yet failed to be.

How can I possibly help people with their issues as a Hypnotist, Life-Coach and Yoga Instructor during the week…

…When on the weekends I am a Brain-Washer, Death Rocker and Street Fighter?

I do not wish to serve two masters. I refuse to serve even one.

Though if the mainstream world of business and being a working professional is the side of God…

…Then I would choose the bohemian, eccentric and artistic side of Satan any day. Hell and all.

Yet I refuse to serve even one of these hopelessly, illusory choices that have been strategically set in place to David and Conquer all of our minds and condemn us to subliminal slavery.

Dawn Of The Serpent Of Flame

Maybe some years ago I experienced something that one of my mentors and teachers Chandi Devi would most likely label as a Kundalini Rising.

Apparently I did not handle it too well and left the Earth. Departed for another world I am just an observer of the mindless body I have left behind.

Fortunately, that mindless, soul-less, meat-suit stumbled across a business model that is so turn-key and virtually hands off, that I can live in an alternate reality and Think and Grow Rich.

And so it seems that there was actually a method to my madness.

For all the while I was fearfully living in the shadows, something wonderful was discovered, uncovered or manifested.

A way to be free from the dictates of most of what concerns society in general, and to just be free to be me. The Fire-Snake. A Numeral-5 Virgo untamed.

The Raw And Burnt Earths

And so by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you a fan of my music and science fiction.

Take it or leave it.

I can handle it I assure you.

For I have seen the planet on fire. Lay to waste and barren by a Sun whose time has come sooner than our scientists have predicted.

I have witnessed the annihilation of souls into a nothing-stuff of oblivion and death-ness. The Universe has been left hollow and void of life as we know it.

Hallucinations, delusions and paranoia have made certain that all of the things that one could fear have been made a permanent and horrifying reality to a traumatized mind.

Yet if I were to leave it at just that, then I would truly be nothing more than an heir to The Raw And Burnt Earths once inhabited by conscious beings.

But instead I choose to follow that which is truly in my heart and know that it is right. Because I no longer choose to, or even wish to follow any masters.

I Am My Own

I only go where I feel it is right for me and all my symbiotes on a personal, familial, community and global level. For I have committed to design my life in accord with my personal truth.

I may indeed be a great scientist with the capacity to change the world for the better. But just imagine if my musical works and science fiction fantasies inspire just the same.

And all the while I am happy to do so, rather than pretending I am something I am not just to make a dollar. I have been great at the work I have been doing – I just hate it.

Yes I have long known exactly what it is I really want.

But how can I hope to create music and share marvelous fantasies if I am imprisoned in a life-less world, chasing after the conventional idea of success?

How yet can I truly live when part of my soul is being sold into slavery for something that does not really exist?

I won’t be a Clinical Hypnotist, Therapist, Life-Coach and such by day and a Rock-Star, Comic Book Bandit by night. This day-light job business is too distracting from the real me.

And so I go into the night. Not quietly – but confidently in the joy and knowledge that what I do from now on has nothing to do with necessity; but pure desire.

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