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The Results of My Spirit Guides & Angels Reading by Mihaela Nicolae!

The Results of My Spirit Guides & Angels Reading by Mihaela Nicolae!

In 2005, I made a declaration to myself. It was inspired by heart-break and the troubles that come with tainted Love.

Love itself is not tainted. It is that those who do know know how to accept it gratefully, stain Love with turmoil and confusion.

But Love is all
that there really is. It makes up the total plan of our existence. Love
is not really spoiled or tainted itself. It is simply through our
ingratitude or failure to recognize this gift, that we block out its brightness and purity.

Whether it is brotherly, motherly, friendly or romantic Love. Accept it fully, totally, joyfully, graciously and gratefully.

Exclaim and declare as I did in 2005. Say ” I Live for Love!” Proclaim this in your heart, your voice and your actions; and it will surely become your reality! –Hakeem
The following is the manifestation of this reality which was revealed to me on
Saturday, March 9th 2013 @ 3:34 pm

Hi Hakeem,
The reading I have done for you has been extremely powerful.

It is all about LOVE! I felt the Pride that your Angels and Spirit Guides have for you, it is simply Amazing!

Love is hugely important to you. You are fearless and very centered.
I felt so connected to this reading, it was as if they were asking me
to pay close attention. It is the first time this happened to me.

The healing energy about it, the depth of the message was (and I’m still feeling it) simply an outpouring of Love. Wow!

It was as if they were saying, ‘”Ask yourself, ‘What is Love?’
”  The answer was in the reading, open your heart, let it unfold,
embrace it, accept it, and it will reflect back at you with complete clarity.

Don’t try, don’t expect, don’t mind and don’t worry about other peoples’ thoughts. Bathe in the Love! Accept it, let it heal you! Do not doubt the power of Love, it smooths out the road ahead. Trust Love! Everything you do, you do it with Love. You pour your heart and soul into it.

Keep an eye on everything going on around you and always remember to tread with love. Love is with you, it is your decision, and with free will you must accept it. It never fails to show the way.

You are on the right path and your Guides and Angels are applauding you for being so brave and courageous and for following your inner guidance. Keep up the good work!

With Love they sent you this message!
PS. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Many Blessings,

* * * * * * * * *

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