Writing Your Proposal

Grant Application Training

Writing Your Proposal

In this section we will go over certain aspects of writing your grant
proposal. There are some basic components to creating a valid and well
organized grant proposal, which we talk about throughout this advanced
training module.

One of the many areas you will receive assistance in is, “Developing
the Grant Proposal Summary”. In this section, we help you outline the
proposed project and show you how the summary accomplishes this
important step for you.

Another area we will focus on is presenting a credible applicant or
organization. This step is extremely important and by reading the
“Introduction” section, you will see that we go over quite a few ideas
to assist you in accomplishing this vital step.

Stating your purpose at hand may seem difficult to get across in a
clear and concise manner, thus we will also help you grasp ideas on ways
to secure information and on how you can utilize it for your proposal.
You will soon visualize all aspects of your purpose, which in turn will
help you with the overall proposal.

Whenever possible a Technique (PERT) chart could be a useful tool and
be extremely supportive in justifying certain proposals. You will be
shown and instructed on this strategy in the section called “A Program
Evaluation and Review”.

Describing a plan for continuation beyond the grant period can be a
difficult section to work with, thus we have included a section on this
“hard to grasp” ideology to help you through the decision making
process, step by step.

Lastly, since funding levels in Federal assistance programs change
yearly, It is useful to review the appropriations over the past several
years to try to project future funding levels. We will assist you in
locating the appropriate section for your research.

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