GRANTS: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find below some common questions that have been asked by our members.
We hope these answers will help in your use of our program!

What kind of funding is available?

Just as funding comes from a wide variety of sources, there are a
wide variety of purposes for which you can obtain funding. Many
organizations will provide funding based on a cause they promote, on
everything from business creation and development to things as
environmental concerns and interest. Whether you already have a specific
purpose for which you are seeking funding, or if you are researching
the kinds of funding you may be eligible for, this site can help you
find what is available and where to apply for that funding.

How do I get money for my personal needs?

There are government agencies and private foundations that provide
assistance to individuals that are experiencing tough economic times,
however, the chances of finding a grant to simply pay personal bills is
very unlikely. The assistance that is available will have income
limitations that factor into the qualification requirements. Often the
types of programs you may need to research address specific needs such
as a supplement or discount for heating bills for example. Sometimes a
little time and creative look at your needs may help you find ways to
obtain the assistance you need and free up your available income to
cover other expenses or debt. Most of these programs are temporary and
designed to to help in short, extreme circumstances.

Where do I get an application?

Because all grants are different there is not simply one application
template for all grants or funding opportunities. Each grant and funding
opportunities vary and each have a different application process
created by the agency or organization providing the funding. Many will
require a grant proposal, but some funding opportunities may ask you to
create some sort of a profile or other additional information.

Here is an example of a program that may differ from a standard grant
application. The Free Charity Cars
( organization asks you to
create a profile to explain to everyone why you are deserving of a car.
After you have done so the organization goes through the profiles and
allows others to vote for you and your story. A winner is eventually
chosen and receives a Free Charity Car.

Who provides funding?

Grant funding often comes from government agencies and private
foundations. Particularly with private organizations, the funding
opportunity may not be found on a traditional “grant” search, so often
there are many more opportunities to find funding than people realize.
We have worked hard to find these opportunities to include them in the
databases you can access in your research on our site.

This site is organized with different ways to access the right
listings for your needs. Some of those searches will provide access
specifically to government agencies and opportunities, while others will
mix results in with those of private organizations. We recommend you
search the results and visit the links to external web sites of all
opportunities that may fit your need. The more you explore and apply
for, the better your chances of receiving funding.

This site does not supply funding directly to its members. We are a
research and training tool to help you in your search for funding.

How long does it take to get a grant or other types of funding?

The length of time until you can be approved and receive funding
depends on many factors. First, most funding opportunities will have an
application deadline followed by a review period before funding is
rewarded. If you are applying just before the deadline, it may be a
relatively short time before you find out if you have been awarded
funding. Other programs may have a regular cycle in which they offer
funding to eligible applicants, so again the time may be a matter of
weeks or months. Finally, other programs may have a long period in which
they collect applications before making a funding decision.

For your highest opportunity for success, we recommend you find and
apply to many programs to which you qualify. You can keep your
membership with our program for as long or short of a time as fits your
research needs. You do not need to remain a member of our program in
order to qualify for various funding opportunities.

Why are some listings still displayed when they have expired?

Many funding programs renew on a regular basis; whether it be
monthly, quarterly or annually. When a date is posted on a grant as
having “expired” it may only be suggesting that the deadline for
applications for that specific funding opportunity are required to be
submitted. Research further on the listing and available links to see if
the program will be renewed in the next cycle and get the jump on
applying for the next opportunity.

Is there someone I can speak to for help finding grants or writing an application?

Our site is designed to be a self-help program. Though we do not
offer any live phone assistance, if you have exhausted your own efforts
on the site, we do offer email help in your search efforts. Click the
“Request Search Help” link in the top navigation of each page to be
taken to an email form. Fill out as much information and details about
your need and search efforts. One of our specialist will reply with any
support and assistance we can provide.

Is my getting a grant tied to this program? How long do I need to stay a member?

Everyone works at their own pace, so we have designed our site to be
one in which you can keep as long or as short as you need. Along with
training yourself with our educational portions of the program, you can
search and apply for as many funding opportunities in which you qualify.
We are continually adding new opportunities as our research discover
them. As you check back frequently and continue your research, you can
continue to find and apply for more opportunities.

Once you have applied for an opportunity (or many of them), your
possibility of receiving funding is not tied to your membership to our
program. Many members find they can do all their research and
applications within a few months or less, while others choose to
continue their membership for longer as they continue to search and
apply for more opportunities. If you feel you have gotten everything you
need out of our program, you can cancel your membership and continue to
follow through on your current applications.

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