March Madness Meets Pharma Merger Madness (Wall Street Journal I Blogs)

Jonny Flynn and Paul Harris of SyracuseGetty Images

It’s March Madness Monday, and brackets are sweeping America. Meanwhile, Pharma is in the midst of a big-money, single-elimination tourney of its own: M&A.

Some of the early results are already in — Pfizer v. Wyeth, Merck v. Schering, Roche v. Genentech. But there are lots of key matchups left to go before merger mania reaches its absurd conclusion and the whole industry consolidates under one giant roof.

As always, the fanciful pairings of the Health Blog seeding committee are sure to generate controversy. What matchups did we get wrong? Who was wrongly excluded from the tourney? Who will be the last company standing? We look forward to your comments on this one.


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