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Battling Monsanto in India

On November 3rd, the UK’s Daily Mail reported that an astounding 125,000 Indian famers—all duped into borrowing money to plant Monsanto’s genetically engineered Bt cotton seeds and associated chemical sprays—were so desperately in debt when their harvests failed to perform that they took their own lives. The scale of this horror, which has unfolded over the past 3-4 years, is hard to imagine; but it gets worse. Thousands of laborers picking or cleaning the cotton are getting debilitating allergic reactions, and thousands of sheep, goats, cows and buffalo fed Bt cotton plants or seed cakes have died. Other livestock are sick or experiencing reproductive, skin, digestive, or upper respiratory problems. The mainstream Indian press has been slow to cover the details, and the government’s pro-GM approval committee continues to dismiss numerous regional reports.

I am in India now, touring and presenting evidence in order to help turn the tide against GMOs. Just before the trip, our funding fell through. But the situation was too important to delay, so we decided to book to go forward. As this is not a time when we can tap the strained resources of our general fund, we warmly welcome contributions specifically earmarked for this effort. Simply send the donation as described above, and also send an email to letting us know that we should use your donation for the India trip.

Wishing you a healthy, non-GMO new year.

Safe eating,


Jeffrey M. Smith
Executive Director
Institute for Responsible Technology
Author, Genetic Roulette and Seeds of Deception

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