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Is genetics research the next big hobby? (FierceBioResearcher)

“Can genetics map onto electronics–is it ready to go into the garage shop in a
hobbyist sense?” said Church. “That’s the question she’s asking, and I think
that’s a very big, profound question… There seems to be a very deep and
growing curiosity about genetics that might dwarf electronics. No matter how
much we love our gadgets, we’re totally fascinated by our ancestry and health.” …


NEWS: New public genome database to spark research, unease (BioTechniques Int.)

Though dissenting opinions on the appropriateness of a person’s complete, public
genome are widespread in response to PGP’s approach, the 10 volunteers’ full
genomes are far from being completely sequenced: the privately-funded project is
focusing on only a handful of genes that seem to have the most influence over
disease, behavior, and physical traits. …