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Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction? (Dr. Mercola)

My guess is that you can expect to see a lot of panic over this issue in the
near future.  But the key is to remain calm — this isn’t the first time
the public has been warned about swine flu. The last time was in 1976, right
before I entered medical school and I remember it very clearly. It resulted in
the massive swine flu vaccine campaign.

Do you happen to recall the result of this massive campaign?

Within a few months, claims totaling $1.3 billion had been filed by victims …

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Biotech companies scramble as swine flu spreads

The Guardian, meanwhile, reports that swine flu has killed more than
100 people in Mexico. Health officials in Spain and Canada have confirmed mild
cases of swine flu among people who recently traveled to Mexico and the WHO is
calling for global surveillance. And on Sunday the U.S. declared a public health
emergency as 20 cases in states scattered around the country confirmed new
cases. All of the cases have been mild.

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Well it seems as if the crazy conspiracy theorists were right again, because the

world-wide flu pandemic they were warning you about has been unleashed, and
will dominate the headlines until millions, if not billions of people are
It won’t be stopped because no one with the means to stop it wants to
stop it. …

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Monsanto’s Roundup Residues in GM Food Cause Cell Damage (

The researchers studied toxicity mechanisms of four different Roundup
formulations in human cells. The formulations were diluted at minimal doses (up
to 100,000 times or more), but they still caused cell death within a few hours.
The researchers also noted membrane and DNA damages, and found the formulations
inhibit cell respiration.