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Is Eli Lilly Milking Cancer by Promoting AND Treating It?

The main reason for the unpopularity of this hormone, which is banned in most
other industrialized countries, is the danger of insulin-like growth factor 1
(IGF-1). Dozens of studies confirm that IGF-1, which accelerates cell
division, substantially increases the risk of breast, prostate, colon, lung, and
other cancers. Normal milk contains IGF-1, milk drinkers have higher levels of
IGF-1, and the milk from cows injected with Eli Lilly’s drug has much
greater amounts of IGF-1. You can connect the dots. …

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Everything you HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods (Institute for Responsible Technology)

Expert Jeffrey M. Smith, author of the #1 GMO bestseller Seeds of Deception, and
Genetic Roulette, entertains a wildly appreciative audience with shocking facts
about how genetically modified organisms (GMOs) entered our lives. Smith links
GMO to toxins, allergies, infertility, infant mortality, immune dysfunction,
stunted growth, and death. …

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Genetically Modified Foods (American Academy of Environmental Medicine)

There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health
effects. There is causation as defined by Hill’s Criteria in the areas of
strength of association, consistency, specificity, biological gradient, and
biological plausibility.5 The strength of association and consistency
between GM foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies. …

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Arpad Pusztai and the Risks of Genetic Engineering

Fundamentally the science of genetic engineering is crap. One gene expressing
one protein is the basis of genetic engineering, but the Human Genome Project
discovered 23,000 genes, and there are 200,000 proteins in every cell. With this
discovery, genetic engineering should have disappeared into the dustbin, but the
biotechnology industry is so strong. Genetic engineering is a product driven
technology. If you have enough money to throw at it, you can do many things. But
the industry won’t waste money on safety assessment. …