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4 Simple Ways You Can Up Your Yoga Game During COVID-19

(Exercising Your Mind) By Sheila Johnson

Interested in enhancing your yoga routine or starting a new exercise program during the pandemic? The good news is that you can still get the most out of your yoga practices without attending in-person classes. All you really need are a few simple tweaks, tech, tricks, and tools to help you perfect your own version of poses and really take the yoga benefits to the next level.

Read these tips for more insight on how to be the best yogi you can be during COVID-19.

Go mobile with your classes. 

If you want to improve your yoga practice, you need to stick to a consistent routine. Dedicated yogis swear by practicing every single day, but you can get the benefits you’re looking for by hitting your mat at least three times a week, especially if you are new to yoga. Start by streaming online yoga classes on your smartphone. Before you use your smartphone for yoga, make sure it’s got enough power and storage to handle the task because many old models may have difficulties running videos or yoga apps. For example, many newer models, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21, should be able to handle any app you download.

Express your concerns and address your struggles.

Even if you’re taking a virtual class, consulting with your teacher ahead of time gives you the chance to express any concerns or challenges you may be experiencing in your practice. While your virtual teacher won’t be able to make the hands-on adjustments they would if you were at your local studio, they can still offer you tips and ideas on how you can modify your practice. This is especially important if you’re dealing with any injuries or chronic pain issues.

Create a home haven.

If you’re going to be practicing at home, you can’t be surrounded by clutter, messes, and negative energy. Your yoga space (and home) should be a positive space free of anxiety so you can stay mindful and focused. Dispose of old items, clean every nook, and allow some natural light and fresh air into your home. Then light a bundle of sage or frankincense incense to remove all negative “vibes.”

Change your routine.

When people begin practicing yoga, they usually begin with some of the most common styles. Power yoga and vinyasa flows are the moderate to fast-paced yoga styles offered in many gyms, yoga studios and other venues. But if you’re looking to deepen your practice, it can help to try holding your poses for a bit longer. For example, yin and hatha classes encourage students to actively hold their yoga poses for an extended period, which can help build strength and confidence.

If you would prefer to relax into poses, you can also try more restorative postures, such as supported child’s pose or legs-up-the-wall, and you can easily get into them at home. Use any props needed to help your body fully relax and stay in each pose for 10 minutes, then take your time getting out of each posture to avoid pain, discomfort or injuries. If you don’t have any props at home, picking up a bolster, some blocks, a strap and a blanket should suffice.

A consistent yoga practice can provide benefits to your body, mind and soul, which is much needed during these difficult times. So take the steps needed to keep your routine from getting stagnant during the pandemic. Try out different classes, styles, and teachers and create a relaxing at-home space so you can build your yoga practice into a wellness habit that will truly transform your life!

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