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Culture in Decline: Episodes 1 – 6

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Culture in Decline” is a 30 min., Bi-Monthly Web-Series created and hosted by Peter Joseph. As with all of Peter’s video work, it is part of a Free Distribution Media Project that allows open, non-profit distribution of his film media across the world. The Series’ central viewing medium is YouTube, via the “Culture in Decline” Official Channel

Episode # 1 – What Democracy

“Culture in Decline” is a satirical yet serious expression that challenges various cultural phenomena existing today which most of society seem to take for granted. Nothing is considered sacred in this Series except for a detached benchmark of fundamental logic and reason – forcing the viewer to step out of the box of “Normality” and to consider our societal practices without traditional baggage and biases. Common themes include Politics, Economics, Education, Security, Religion, Vanity, Governance, Media, Labor, Technology and other issues centric to our daily lives.

Episode #2 – Economics 101

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Episode # 3 – C.V.D.

Episode # 4 – War on Nature

Episode #5 – Baby Go Boom

Episode #6 – Tale of Two Worlds

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Series Premiere: Culture in Decline | Episode #1 “What Democracy?”
by Peter Joseph

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This opening show addresses the coming 2012 US Presidential Election and the subject of what we perceive as “Democracy” in the world today.

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