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Inside the Zeitgeist Revolution and New Thought 2 – Videos

by Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) To create Global Sustainability and heal our world from the peril it is headed towards, there actually exist structural and systemic solutions.

In other words, we have everything we need to save the world from social, economic and environmental destruction.

PHOTO –  from The 4th Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival: left- Peter Joseph; center Hakeem Alexander with the book “The Zeitgeist Movement Defined” and the book “Moment of Clarity” by Lee Camp on the right

P Josep,H Alexander L Camp

Watch the video “Inside The Zeitgeist Revolution” where Abby Martin interviews the founder of The Zeitgeist Movement, Peter Joseph.

This is followed by an introduction video to the podcast “A Zeitgeist Train Of New Thought“, where I attempt to figure out how a certain philosophy called New Thought can be integrated with The Zeitgeist Revolution.

Video introduction to A Zeitgeist Train Of New Thought

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