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[smd] NASA documents available on NSPIRES

[smd] NASA documents available on NSPIRES

to the Government shutdown, a number of NASA documents that are
relevant to proposers and reviewers were downloaded so that they could
be cross-posted on NSPIRES in the event that the web sites that host
them went down.

We have just realized that we should have advertised the
availability of these documents to people; apologies for the delay.

The following documents are available:

The Guidebook for Proposers is available on the NSPIRES home page at via a link on “Site News”.

The SMD 2010 Science Plan and the NASA 2011 Strategic Plan
are both available as downloads from the Mars 2020 Announcement of
Opportunity page as “Other Documents”. See the Program Library Strategic
documents. The direct link to the Mars page is

addition, proposers interested in either the Earth Venture Instrument-2
(EVI-2) AO or the Mars 2020 AO are advised that the majority of the
Program Library has been reproduced on NSPIRES, on those program’s
respective homepages.


Mars 2020:

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