Getting Organized

Grant Application Training

Getting Organized

Throughout the proposal writing stage keep a notebook handy to write
down ideas. Periodically, try to connect ideas by reviewing the
notebook. Never throw away written ideas during the grant writing stage.
Maintain a file labeled “Ideas” or by some other convenient title and
review the ideas from time to time.

The file should be easily accessible. The gathering of documents such
as articles of incorporation, tax exemption certificates, and bylaws
should be completed, if possible, before the writing begins.

Don’t find yourself thinking of an overall idea or concern and NOT
writing it down. Make sure EVERYTHING is put onto paper (or in some sort
of digital form). I can count several times in the past where people
have forgotten to mention something that could add great value to their
proposal, and simply didn’t tell me until after the proposal was
submitted. This is a crucial mistake that should not be made.

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