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Video: Dr. Tullio Simoncini on Know the Cause: Cancer is a Fungus

By using a catheter to deliver sodium bicarbonate directly to th site of the cancer/fungus which may be encysted in the organism, this salt will remove the fungus/cancer within about one week. This is a safe and simple alternative to Chemotherapy, Radiation and / or Surgery.

Both “chemo” and radiation may cause cancer themselves and surgery damages tissue. Of course there is a small chance of infection using a catheter for local infiltration. However, this is virtually HARMLESS in comparison to the other so-called “therapies”.


A truly Revolutionary approach to healing cancer. This is a non-invasive, magnificently simple CURE using Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda. The best anti-fungal around.

Dr. Simoncini is a Medical Doctor and Board Certified Oncologist. He is certainly an authority on this suject and a true Revolutionary for being bold enough to move beyond the “STUPID” conventional training that he recieved in order to seek a real treatment for the terrible and widespread suffering caused by cancer and the basically useless applications normally applied.

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