Culture in Decline: Episodes 1 – 6

Culture In Decline YouTube Culture in Declineā€¯ is a 30 min., Bi-Monthly Web-Series created and hosted by Peter Joseph. As with all of Peter’s video work, it is part of a Free Distribution Media Project that allows open, non-profit … Continue reading

TEDxOjai – Peter Joseph – The Big Question

Published on YouTube Mar 9, 2012 Peter Joseph is a director, writer, producer, editor, composer and creator of the Zeitgeist movies series. He is an independent filmmaker who has written, directed, narrated, scored and produced three non-commercial, self-produced and freely-distributed … Continue reading

Inside the Zeitgeist Revolution and New Thought 2 – Videos

by Hakeem Alexander (Exercising Your Mind) To create Global Sustainability and heal our world from the peril it is headed towards, there actually exist structural and systemic solutions. In other words, we have everything we need to save the world … Continue reading