A Hypnotist Reveals The Causes Of hate And fear Part 1 and 2 Videos

(HypnoAthletics) [+1] 954.487-0014 A Hypnotist Reveals The Causes Of hate And fear Part 1 and 2 [total running time 9:49] Celestial Decor for Your Home, Office, and Gifts Natural And Effective Cupping Treatment Did this blog inspire, inform, or educate … Continue reading

The Raw And Burnt Earths – Dawn Of The Serpent Of Flame

Dawn Of The Serpent Of Flame The Raw And Burnt Earths (Exercising Your Mind) [Creative Non Fiction] {Science Fiction} All my research into hypnosis, metaphysics, science and many different subjects as a polymath, has been for the purpose of creating … Continue reading

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US Censors Mental Health Journalist Bob Whitaker? (Mind Freedom International)

our society of believes that all people diagnosed with
schizophrenia need to be on medication all their lives. Yet, the NIMH
has funded a long-term study of schizophrenia outcomes by a researcher
named Martin Harrow, and in 2007 he reported that at the end of 15
years, the recovery rate for those off medication was 40%, versus 5%
for those on medication. …

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Six (6) *brief* news alerts for independent mental health: MindFreedom International News – 12 December 2009

These “inconvenient truth” brain damage medical studies — confirmed
by repeated animal studies, brain scans and autopsies — are now well
known throughout the medical field, but are almost never explained to
the general public, who are often the ones to pay for these expensive

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Op Ed: Choice in Mental Health is a Human Right (Mind Freedom International)

Many of the
medications currently provided are typically associated with
significant medical risk, are often experienced as subjectively
harmful, and their long-term effectiveness remains controversial.
Furthermore, there are widely researched psychosocial alternative
treatments likely to be at least as effective for many, with fewer
harmful effects.” …

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