DeCoding, Secret Phone Recording: China, Egypt, Israel, and Illuminati

(HypnoAthletics) What does coffee, personal development, success, Egyptian Sun Gods, Chinese and linguistics have in common? This secret phone recording between ShadowMyth and UniquilibriuM will tell you what. LISTEN TO Previous PodCast: Anti-Aging Your Brain BLOGS REFERENCED READ: Orgasms of the Gods … Continue reading

TEDxOjai – Peter Joseph – The Big Question

Published on YouTube Mar 9, 2012 Peter Joseph is a director, writer, producer, editor, composer and creator of the Zeitgeist movies series. He is an independent filmmaker who has written, directed, narrated, scored and produced three non-commercial, self-produced and freely-distributed … Continue reading

Mindset MInistry Mastermind, #7 Part 2 PMA

Whether you are a beginner Entrepreneur or looking to change your mindset, tune in to see some of the most serious success Practitioners in the industry right here every Saturday morning at 10:30am EST. WATCH PMA part-1 Amber Hakeem Alexanderwww, … Continue reading

The Raw And Burnt Earths – Dawn Of The Serpent Of Flame

Dawn Of The Serpent Of Flame The Raw And Burnt Earths (Exercising Your Mind) [Creative Non Fiction] {Science Fiction} All my research into hypnosis, metaphysics, science and many different subjects as a polymath, has been for the purpose of creating … Continue reading


The spiritual key to increasing our cash flow is for us to give a portion of our
money away to people who will use it to assist in cocreating Heaven on Earth.
There are myriad ways we can accomplish this. We can give money to people,
institutions, organizations, charities, spiritual groups, religious groups,
corporations, human- or animal-rights groups, environmental groups, human
endeavors associated with science, medicine, research, alternative fuels and
energy sources, the arts, education, sustainable development, global peace,
justice or to any other person, place, condition or thing that we know is …

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