The Raw And Burnt Earths – Dawn Of The Serpent Of Flame

Dawn Of The Serpent Of Flame The Raw And Burnt Earths (Exercising Your Mind) [Creative Non Fiction] {Science Fiction} All my research into hypnosis, metaphysics, science and many different subjects as a polymath, has been for the purpose of creating … Continue reading

What Should We Do About Medical Marijuana? (Medcape International Medicine)

Philosophically, I agree that further research and easier access for medical use are good things if marijuana can help alleviate patient suffering. As a primary care physician and a mother,
however, I worry that becoming too lax with restrictions might make it easier to obtain for nonmedical use. The AMA report also reminds us that “whether or not cannabis is a gateway drug to other
substance misuse is controversial.” That’s what makes this issue hit close to my home and my office.

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UCLA Pulmonologist Donald Tashkin on Marijuana and Lung Cancer

(Exercising Your Mind) All of the following text and info are copied from the original posts on you tube. The uploader expressed the need for this information to be shared. – Hakeem Alexander Pulmonary specialist and Federal Government researcher from … Continue reading