TZM Global Ep. 164 with Peter Joseph : ZDay 2015 and Q&A [ The Zeitgeist Movement ]

TZM Global Ep. 164 with Peter Joseph : ZDay 2015 and Q&A [ The Zeitgeist Movement ] #TheZeitgeistMovement #ZeitgeistMovie #HypnoAthletics #PhysioMeditation #UniquilibriuM #HakeemAlexander #KappaGuerra #SwordPaper #SIX13RECORDS #BlogDealer #GuruGrandMaster #ExercisingYourMind … Continue reading

[smd] NAI – Cycle 7 CAN – NNH13ZDA017C

NASA Astrobiology Institute – Cycle 7 Cooperative Agreement Notice General Information:                                                              CAN Release Date:                                                          September 23, 2013 Preproposal Conference:                                             September 30, 2013 Step-1 Proposal Due Date                                            November 4, 2013 Step-2 Proposals Due Date                                          January 31, 2014 The National Aeronautics and … Continue reading

AHA Recommends “Prudent” Maximum Intakes of Empty Sugar Calories (From Heartwire CME)

Since the last AHA scientific statement was published in 2002, there has been
new evidence on the relationship between sugar intake and cardiovascular health.
High levels of dietary sugar consumption may be contributing to the global
epidemic of obesity and cardiovascular disease, and limiting dietary intake of
added sugars is therefore a valid concern. In the typical US diet, the main
source of added sugars is soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages. …

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Kary Mullis outmaneuvers drug resistant bacteria (BioTechniques)

“It’s kind of like when you get stopped for a traffic ticket in L.A. and the cop
drops a bag of marijuana in the back of your car and then charges you with
possession of marijuana,” said the Nobel Laureate. “It’s a very fast, very
efficient way to get people off of the street.” …

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New paradigm identifies gene responsible for acetaminophen-induced liver injury (FierceBiotech)

In this study, a team of researchers led by Dr. David Threadgill of North
Carolina State University utilized mouse genetics to aid the search for
candidate genes linked to acetaminophen-induced liver injury in humans. “We
approached the study from the perspective that drugs are used in very
heterogeneous patient populations, and that drug-induced toxicities are likely
the result of a person’s genetic makeup,” …

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Is genetics research the next big hobby? (FierceBioResearcher)

“Can genetics map onto electronics–is it ready to go into the garage shop in a
hobbyist sense?” said Church. “That’s the question she’s asking, and I think
that’s a very big, profound question… There seems to be a very deep and
growing curiosity about genetics that might dwarf electronics. No matter how
much we love our gadgets, we’re totally fascinated by our ancestry and health.” …

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